Turmeric Capsules with Black Pepper Extract


Turmeric  This brightly coloured spice in it's raw format is quite quirky looking. The knobbly root has a bright orange inside, which is where the tumeric powder is located. This spice has been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years along side the flavour it gives to traditional indian cooking such as sauces and curries.

How it Works

Tumeric is a natural anti-inflammatory compound that helps the body to fight foreign invaders and pathogens. It also has a role in repairing damage in the body.

Health Benefits

1. Turmeric Gradually Increases Antioxidants in Your Body

2. Turmeric Can Help Control Diabetes

3. Turmeric Helps Lower Cholesterol

4. Turmeric Can Help Prevent and Treat Alzheimer's Disease

5. Turmeric Can Treat Skin Conditions

6. Turmeric Can Benefit People with Depression as it can improve your mood

7. Turmeric Can Treat Gastrointestinal Conditions

8. Turmeric Can Help Relieve Arthritis

9. Turmeric Can Help Control Weight

10 Tumeric helps to reduce inflammation

11. Tumeric aids sleep quality

Piperine (Black Pepper Extract) 20x Absorption

Black pepper extract, Piperine, maximises absorption of curcumin, the active part of Turmeric.
Without this useful ingredient it is unlikely that you would gain any benefit from supplementing with Turmeric. But with Piperine, the absorption levels of curcumin are increased by 2000% (20x).

Recommended Dosage

2 x Capsules per day,  Try takin one at bed time to aid sleep 

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